Welcome to the Museum of Tabivere!

The Museum collects Knowledge and things reflecting the local history. The collecting work took its rise from the folk tales about Kalevipoeg and has reached to recent times. Expositions are layed out by different historical periods accordingly in five rooms.
One part of expositions tells us about the Estonian Republic and about the new independence as well. Colonel Karl Parts was the chief of the armoured trains during the war of Independence, general Ants Kurvits was the commander in the Estonian frontier guard, general Johannes Orasmaa was the chief of the Defence Union in Estonia, rear admiral Johan Pitka is
Known as the founder of the Defence Union, the organizer of armoured trains and the commander in navy as well.
There is a display introducing the local educational and social life in the past and some impressive persons influencing this life – linguists Johannes Voldemar Veski and Julius Mägiste and the pastor of the Äksi gongregation Otto Wilhelm Masing.
Visitors of the museum can have a look to the summary about the local association of voluntary firemen, activities of local athletes and the farmlife in 1920 – 1940. There is the exposition about the collective farms as well.
There is possible to see some old agricultural implements and household utensils in the outbuilding in the museum’s yard. This outbuilding stood originally in the farm of general Ants Kurvits.
The monument of colonel Karl Parts is standing in the old manor park, near the ruins of his former home.

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